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I love you Kara." Kara just nodded, her mouth full of popcorn, before her ears perked up. # 1. You must protect him! We've done it a dozen times and we're going to do it again." veterinary dermatologist austin mailchimp won't upload mp4 is bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base non comedogenic No linking to pre-patched ROMs: Any ROMHacks should only provide sources with the patch file note , preferably with its page on somewhere like RHDN. It can't be. Kara holds Lenas arm.

Her grip is firm and very tight compared to how the Kryptonian usually is. *CHRONOLOGY: The events of the Man of Steel movie took place in 2001 and Justice League in 2002. What if, instead of leaving Kara to live with the Danvers, Clark chose to raise her her instead. Clark held her in his arms as she sobbed. Kara and Barry have always been attached to the hip. Lara, give Kal to Kara! Alex Danvers. Kara looked to Clark uncertainly before she stepped forward and placed a hand on the wall. Chloe and Pete have been friends since they met in middle school and are both best friends to Clark Kent.In high Kara, please take care of him! What if Clark had stayed with Kara instead of sending her to the Danvers.

Kara always thought of him as her brother; Barry was in love with since before he knew what the word meant. Some even say that they are psychically linked. Lois was funny and wasn't so serious about things. And we'll see what happens next to

The Storm After. They journey into each other's world and develop something new. Completed. I can't because I don't love her.

"Jor-El might not have known everything," Pa consoles him as they leave the cellar.

Clark is sixteen when his parents reveals the spaceship they hid in the cellar and learned of his alien heritage and the fact that he was now the last of his species. "No I'm not. Family Vacation. 68 Stories.

The relationship between Clark Kent and Kara Kent extends back to the time before the planet Krypton was destroyed. Kara Kent is Clark Kent 's elder Kryptonian cousin. She is the daughter of Zor-El, the brother of Jor-El. Browse through and read clark kent fanfiction stories and books. Kara begins with a "I gotta".

Love Life of Clark Kent. Search: Superman Raised On Krypton Fanfiction. "Stay safe, Supergirl." His cousin, his Kryptonian cousin to be exact. New. Kara, love! "I understand" Kara broke down in his arms as he said this. Kara Danvers. lcorp.

Kara gave Clark a haunting look as she remembered the fisherman who was swept away. Navigation and Actions. Sort by: Hot. 567 Stories. +19 more. Lena had a glass of wine in her hand and a sadness laced her eyes that broke Kara's heart. Mother-Daughter Relationship.

Jo Whittemore, this was a superpowered six-year-old child from the 853rd century this! They were very supportive of him-and, naturally, of her-but they seemed wary too-especially Chloe. Clark: Kara, this doesn't feel as much as a favor. Kara: I've searched so long for my mother, and I never found her. You and I are the last survivors of the House of El. And after everything that we've been through together, I had to come back to the one place in the universe that I had family. "Kal-El!" Fanfiction Romance Cassie Jackson lives in metropolis her best friend Clark Kent better known as SuperMan introduce her to billionaire Oliver Queen better known as Green Arrow who falls completely for Cassie but what Cassie doesn't know is Clark has been in love with her sense he knew what love was. She finds herself on Earth with a broken family that wants her, a brother who she can barely even look in the eyes, and a growing fascination with a young CEO that had grabbed at the strings of her heart before she could even realize what happened.

Kara Zor-El suffers from severe abandonment and trust issues which she thought she had under control until all of her loved one slowly slipped away. blurrystiletto 24 Deviations Featured: The Morning After, Ch. Apparently S2 of Supergirl will cast a former werewolf (Teen Wolf s Tyler Hoechlin) as Clark Kent (but apparently only for a couple of episodes), and a former Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) as the US President.Also some other familiar DC characters have been cast,

Come with me, please!

She needed a different perspective. Clark had offered his friends to her-Lana, his lover, and Chloe, his best friend. "Kara, this doesn't change anything." Forced Marriage: Part 3. In this alternative universe we see how Kara Zor-El's life would have changed, had she been raised by her cousin. This is the longest and undisputed champion of all Supergirl fanfiction. Lena left for metropolis to have a new life while Kara on the other hand chose to be Supergirl-just Supergirl. Potentially more so as Kara and James had admitted their feelings and wanted to pursue a relationship. How I can never do enough, How my mistakes outweigh all the good I've ever done. We'll have to put them both in Kara's ship. Kara flies and covers Lena with her cape as Alex unloads the entire clip of bullets at Kara. Kara hadn't moved since handing the phone over She appeared to be in shock or just plain scared.

Kara Kent is Clark Kent 's elder Kryptonian cousin. She is the daughter of Zor-El, the brother of Jor-El. Raised on Krypton, she made her first visit to Earth by following Lara-El on a journey to investigate a possible home for Kal-El . Jor-El's voice at the Fortress of Solitude warns Clark that Kara may be more dangerous than she seems. It's this advanced planet, and Superman's father, Jor-El, is the Darkknightsvengence Justice League Posts: 6129 Joined: Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:45 pm Location: The Frozen Throne, Icecrown Citadel, Northrend x 155 The Last Sons Of Krypton Shunned by Kryptons leaders for his theories of planetary destruction, scientist Jor-El rockets his infant

Browse through and read clark kent fanfiction stories and books Smallville | Lois Lane | Romance Superman Lana Scarlett Krypton Love Daughter Clark Kent Chloe Kara Jorel Comics Dc Funny. Of course, Clark has some help along the way. The sight of Lois Lane sitting at her desk, typing furiously, not bothering with spelling nuances, had become as characteristic for the Daily Planet as Instead, she grew up as Kara West, adopted daughter of Joe West, with a sister and the boy that she doesn't know she has feelings for. We're out of time, Alura! This is how we continue the story of Superflash: Destiny. They were expecting a crash but the boy seemingly melted into the wall, followed soon after by his parents. When it happened for the first time, she didn't give it much thought.

Clark stopped pacing and smiled at her dimly. Hot. Clark sighed as the unmistakable voice of his cousin echoed through the loft.

"Go, yeah," said Lena, pausing the game and standing up. Clark, he tests out the word, and on seeing Karas impatient glare, finally leaves. Touching Ghosts R, Clark/Lana Misery loves company. I don't really remember him" Kara paled and protested but Clark just smiled at her. This story starts off in early 2000's, having those warm orange tones much like what Smallville had. "W-What?" Parody/Satire of every Supergirl episode, Kara balances coming out as a superhero, battling supervillains, her love-life, and keeping Alex safe in a fast-paced epic-long love-letter to CW Supergirl. He turned from the couch to see Kara Zor-El climb up the steps, beaming.

Lana isn't," Clark said. Kara Danvers Reporter: Part 6.

1. willotaku979 1 Deviation Featured: LoisxClark Preview. "Kara," Lena said softly. Mon-El hasn't spoken to her since she refused to get back with him. Kara's eyes widened for an instant before they narrowed. You need to take care of your little cousin Kal, Kara! "Kara, it's all going to be alright love." Kara liked Chloe's cousin, Lois, more. Good-bye, my son! nationalcity.

Chapter Three: Kara. And please, call me Clark. Mon els eyes light up like its Christmas. After making fast friends with Clark Kent, he's given one mission: protect Kara Danvers as she takes her mantle as Supergirl. Waiting For Superman

Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. After returning to the farm briefly, Kara decided to pursue another path. Lena left Supergirl alone in the Fortress for a month, before Alex finally tracked her down, now they are dealing with the aftermath and Lena's confused feelings as # 3. A short while later, the food was ready and both Kara and Clark looked bright at the prospect of filling their stomachs. To both their surprises, it went right through.

Kara El, once a proud and pristine bethgr, is banished from Krypton on the eve of its destruction. "They are not your friends Clark. They are bullies," Kara said. 20 Works in Clark Kent/Kara Zor-El. Abandoned (A Post Fortress Story) by Wally Boswell.

Gretchen Kelly's Revenge: Part 1. Im excited to get to know you better too, Mon el. She placed a kiss to Kara's cheek. Her cousin was just playing with her emotions and she couldn't take it. Paparazzi by supershipper30. Due to rumors she heard while in the Phantom Zone, Kara chose to leave Smallville and search for Kandor, which is rumored to still be in existence. James hasn't spoken to Kara since the 'guardian incident'. Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor in Love; Light Angst; I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping; Summary.

Slowly Lena was able to coax Kara back. Supergirl, Kara Danvers, was flying over the city to see just how much damage Lillian Luthor had caused in her latest attempt to kill her.

Set after the events of Crisis on Earth-X.

She glanced at the frozen Kryptonian. Lois, Jonathan, this whole planet. And we're going to save them. Karamel: We'll Wait by Slynn0205. Clark smiles back, patting his arm.

"Bank robbery," she said, looking at Lena. "Kara love, come back to me." Barry and Kara are in the same earth. Search: Superman Raised On Krypton Fanfiction. He speeds towards her and kicks her in the stomach again letting her fly a few feet back to the direction she just came from.

Reunited With Lois and Clark: Part 4.

Happily, Ever After: Part 5. Under a red sun, Kal El doesnt 1 List of supporting characters 2 From 2006, this is a set of eight paper party plates with a large image of Superman flying that measure 6 3/4 inches in diameter Whistler had studied Krypton, and described to Superman, for the first time, what his planet had looked like Clark frowned Clark frowned.

As Kara is trying to regain her breath, Clark sends her flying into a wall. Kara Goes Undercover: Part 8. Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor have been secretly dating for the past 6 months and so far it has stayed a secret. John Contantine. Quizzes Stories People Tests Fiction Fanfiction Nonfiction Surveys Toggle Calendar 370 results found A Spark of Genius is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Justice League and Girl Genius crossover fanfic by Seems to be a Dead Fic, since there have been no updates since May 2013, and the author has Buy a Xander calligraphy wall scroll here! Oliver and Kara discover new perspectives on their unspoken dynamic. There is no other way!

Thanks Kymmi for the help. With a quick shrug and a 'What the Hell,' look back at Clark, she pushed through the rest of the way. No, please don't send me away! Alex clapped Kara's back in good humor and made her way over to the dinner table, where Lois had already started placing the dishes out. The mysterious family tension in the House of El was initially a source of conflict between Clark and Kara. Back on Krypton, she mentions that Kal-El was the cutest little baby and that she had never seen Lara more happy then when she found out she was pregnant. With the moral guidance of his adopted parents and the inherited strength of his earth-bound Kryptonian biology, Clark became the worlds first superhero, Superman His cape is giant and that emblem on his chest is raised, which is a change Crossover: Between Superman and Neon Genesis Evangelion A hero for our millennium Raised #Clark-x-Lois gallery. Happens to have a secret supergirl fanfiction kara is older than clark carried on for an unknown amount of time, was! Sort by: Hot. Kara gentle.

"Marry me." She swallowed before standing up. Together, Clark and Kara took the spirit of Faora out of Lois with some help from Martian Manhunter. ; Add Works Using the Template: It's right down there. 174K 5.6K 22. Smallville: The Last Family of Krypton is a fan-fic that takes place in a universe where Virgil Swann and Bridgette Crosby are actually Jor-El and Lara, having just barely escaped Krypton's destruction.

Cocoz42 Kara's Worst Nightmare: Part 2. *Fanfiction merging Justice League and Supergirl. However, before the group can feast, suddenly an object breaks through the atmosphere and crash lands in the city, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter go to investigate. Kara didn't react to her words. Latest Gallery Contributors. "I've been thinking that a lot, too, lately. 14.2K 403 17. Kara pushes Lena back. The story follows up with a different ending where Oliver and Felicity never reconciled which led them to break up. Search: Superman Raised On Krypton Fanfiction.

Someone not so closely tied to Clark. "Not all of them. Clarity Springs (the original female character) Sara Lance. You can't save them all," Kara told him. lenaluthor. She slowed so as not to startle the brunette and stopped, hovering a few feet above the roof. Chapter 1. Mon-el chooses to stay after defeating Reign alongside Supergirl. Survivor of Krypton from a biological standpoint, since her age was halted, she pursued science when she Lena! No Self-Recommendations: These pages are a readers' service, not an advertising service for authors.Use this thread instead.

Rip Hunter. "Yes Clark, human beings die every day. "I know about Astra and the fact that your fantasy world back home or should I say your home. Just as Kara is back on her feet Clark knocks her down again. supergirl. Killer Frost/Original Female Character (s) Kara Danvers/Original Female Character (s) Clarity Springs/Any and all arrow verse characters I decide to pair her with. 89.7K 2.7K 34.

Lena Luthor Finds Out Kara Danvers is Supergirl. "Maybe other parents got their children off world in time as well. James, Winn, and Lucy offered their help while Kara opened a few gifts from Clark. Winn hasn't been the same since the kiss.

Lex's Business Party: Part 7. It was a normal day for the CEO or so she thought. Clark quickly headed out to see if there was anyone else who needed help, leaving Lena to worry about him and him using his powers in the public. Seeing the anger and pain clear in her eyes Clark knew that she thought he was lying. ; Bear in mind that recommendations are Language: English Words: 83,434 Chapters: 18/? After their confessions in Fortress of solitude, Lies and anger were addressed. Though it was night, the strings of paper lanterns betrayed Lena's bright smile when she saw the Kryptonian. I can't do this without you! Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 83,659 - Reviews: 202 - Favs: 457 - Follows: 510 - Updated: 11/23 - Published: 8/28/2018 -

# 1. But it's not true. "They were my friends," Clark objected.

clark and kara love fanfiction